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Sandhya Dave

Sandhya Dave is a shape shifting mischievous goddess who likes to play!

She is also a body psychotherapist, who has been in practice for 22 years. Her background training is in Shiatsu Bodywork and Gestalt psychotherapy. As well as private practice where she specialises in birth work, works with babies, children and adults, she has run clinics on two mental health wards, offers workshops in communities and is now taking Shiatsu into schools. Sandhya is about to embark on a project called Growing Resilient Communities in Exeter.

Sandhya works as a Diversity Consultant & educator with Devon Development Education. Her work here takes her into the arena of training & exploring systemic racism, cultural competency & the decolonising of our minds & institutions. She regularly trains on a programme from the Global Centre called Cultural Champions, which takes cultural diversity and anti-racism work into schools, businesses & the community.

She has worked as a focaliser for Trees For life in Scotland, planted trees in the foothills of the Himalayas with Vriksha Mitra Saklaniji (friend of the trees) and been part of a core group that set up Moor Trees in Devon in 1998, an organisation looking to reforest parts of Dartmoor which has to date planted 60,000 trees. She has recently helped to set up Devon Earth and Faith Network and organised 8 conference days looking at faith and sustainability in action.

She has recently taken part in the Extinction Rebellion non-violent protests.

Her ancestral roots are Indian having grown up with the ecological religion of Hinduism and the discovering of this for herself in its truest essence.

Sandhya has a meditation practice of 25 years, practices Inquiry & dialogue, loves dancing, walking the coast line, funnyness and eating!

Sandhya believes in the power of stories for personal and planetary change & how sharing stories can help us to change the narratives we hold & believe. She is passionate about her part in offering to help create a more harmonious planet through our human emotional needs being met so that we have all have an ease of being.

Sandhya lives her life being guided by her strong principles of justice for all beings, not just human.

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