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Ghee Bowman

I was born in Surrey, my father was from Yorkshire and my mother was born in Germany, coming to the UK as a refugee before the war. I am a historian, group facilitator and trainer with over 30 years experience working with adults and young people. Starting off working in the theatre, I then worked overseas in Turkey and Egypt, and then worked for a number of NGOs in the UK, including VSO and ICA:UK. I then worked at the Global Centre in Exeter, where I started the Cultural Champions and co-ordinated a project on Exeter’s multi-cultural history ‘Telling Our Stories, Finding Our Roots: Exeter’s Multi-Cultural History’. In May 2020 I published my first book ‘The Indian Contingent: the Forgotten Muslim Soldiers of Dunkirk’. I am a Quaker and a Woodcraft Folk leader.

Ghee Bowman headshot May 2020.jpg
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