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We belong to a wider community of practitioners who we call to as needed on projects.


Malcom Richards

Malcolm Richards is a doctoral researcher with the Graduate School of Education at the University of Exeter. Malcolm is a former teacher, senior leader, and local authority advisor in England and Wales schools. He is also an education trade union activist, representing and organising Black educators. Malcolm is the founder of The Culture Yard, which offers research, teacher education and development, and curriculum support for transformative digital education. 

Malcolm is an educational author and editor. His most recent is Beyond The Blockade: Education in Cuba (2020: co-editor) which includes essays by Black educators based in the UK observing of educational realities for Afro-Cuban communities in Havana and Pinar del Rio. Malcolm lives in Devon and is married with two daughters.


Kalkidan Legesse

Kalkidan is a social entrepreneur who works to deliver scaling businesses that are environmentally sound and socially inclusive. She is the founder of Sancho's and Shwap, a leadership consultant and an advocate for intersectional environmentalism, anti-racism and effective social leadership.

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